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Howard Bardach, C.E.T.

Celebrating 44 years of business in Valley Village, California.

In the early '50s, Sigmund Bardach, a connoisseur of classical music, an audiophile, electronic engineer, and servicer was at the threshold of the audio industry (Hi-Fi, as it was then called), working at and seeking the best quality sound. Rubbing elbows with pioneers like Abe Cohen, Victor Brociner, Rudi Bozak, Stew Hegeman, Ed Vilchur, Paul Klipsch, Joe Grado, David Bogen, Bernie Kardon, and Sidney Harman. In 1957 he was working for the David Bogen Company in quality control in New Jersey and was relocated by Harman/Kardon to the San Fernando Valley to head the only warranty department on the West Coast.